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Keeping Blackheath Special

Be part of a vibrant and sociable local community!

We live in a very special part of London. We have the Heath on our doorstep, shops, restaurants and bars within strolling distance and central London only 15 minutes away. The village is still a real community of individuals, couples, families and older people who have often lived here for many years. Blackheath’s combination of urban living and village life is almost unique.

BVRG wants to keep it this way. We are a group of people of all ages who live in and around the village and have built up a network of local neighbours since 2004 to help keep Blackheath as lovely as it is. We want to campaign on certain issues that we feel are changing our local area, but we also want to have fun doing it and build up a sociable and dynamic local community.

Join here and have a say in the issues that affect our village!

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