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Company Details

Company Number: 5206936

Registered in England and Wales.

Registered Office:

Chapman House
10 Blackheath Village
London SE3 9LE


  1. Blackheath Village Residents' Group Limited (“BVRG”) is a Company Limited by Guarantee, and these bye-laws are to be read in conjunction with the Memorandum & Articles of Association dated 1 August 2004.
  2. The objectives of the BVRG are to improve and maintain the special nature of Blackheath Village and its environment, to provide a social forum for Village residents, and to campaign on issues that include, but are not limited to:
  1. Membership of the BVRG is open to all residents and other persons interested in Blackheath Village and its environment. Those joining will become members on payment of the non-transferable annual subscription (if any) for the current year. A membership will lapse if:
    1. Having paid the membership for the year a member notifies their intention to resign;
    2. If they fail to renew within one calendar month from the due date of payment;
    3. If a member having committed some act or been guilty of behaviour inconsistent with membership of the BVRG, the Steering Group so resolves by a simple majority.
  2. The Steering Committee of no more than fifteen members will be elected at an AGM or EGM. Members of the Steering Group will hold office for a year but will be eligible for re-election. Once elected, the Steering Group will in turn appoint a Chair, together with the offices of Treasurer, Secretary and Marketing Coordinator.
  3. Members of the Steering Committee will hold office until the following AGM or retirement or removal by a resolution of an AGM or EGM. Any resulting vacancy will be filled at the AGM, however in the event of a subsequent vacancy, the Steering Group has the power to fill it by co-option, and this method could also be used if the Steering Group decided to invite further individuals to join it from time to time. In either event such appointment would only be for the period until the next AGM.
  4. The Steering Group may appoint sub-groups and delegate powers to them, except those relating to the election and expulsion of members or financial matters.
  5. The Steering group will meet regularly, that is at least six times per annum.
  6. The AGM of the BVRG will be held by 31 October each year and every member shall receive not less than 14 days notice of the meeting. EGMs may be convened by the Steering Group or by 15% of members upon similar notice. Members must be advised of the date and time of all meetings and an agenda of the matters under discussion.
  7. At the AGM and EGMs, every member shall have one vote, and in the case of a tie, the Chair shall make a casting vote.
  8. The quorum at a meeting shall be ten (10) members, and at a meeting of the Steering Group four (4) Steering Group members. If there is no quorum, meetings will be adjourned for fourteen days, the number present at the adjourned meeting would then be a quorum.
  9. The nature, format and location of all meetings to be decided by the Steering Group and could include external guest speakers.
  10. The annual subscription of the BVRG will be as the BVRG shall decide at its AGM and, for the time being, is set at £Nil per individual member, or £Nil per couple or household. Any proposed changes in subscription amounts must be put to the AGM.
  11. Membership fees are payable annually in advance on the 1st day of June each year. A member joining after 1st January is entitled to a 50% discount on that year’s subscription. Membership fees, once paid, are non-refundable.
  12. Each application for membership shall complete a membership form, obtainable from the Secretary, which must be completed, signed and returned to the Secretary with the appropriate subscription.
  13. All subscription and other monies collected by the BVRG will be handed to the Treasurer who will deposit them into the BVRG bank account, currently with NatWest Bank plc, who will accept signatures of those duly authorised. Authorised signatories must include any 2 of 3 named members of the Steering Group, which may include the Chair, the Treasurer, the Secretary and one other.
  14. The Secretary shall keep minutes of the proceedings of each meeting in the Minute Book.
  15. The financial year of the BVRG will end on the last day of March in each year to which date accounts shall be prepared. Accounts will be prepared by the Treasurer, approved by the Steering Group and circulated within four months of the year end to all members. The accounts need not be audited.
  16. These bye-laws are set out in accordance with and may be altered under the terms of Article 14 of the Company’s Articles of Association.