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About BVRG

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BVRG is an entirely voluntary organisation and members give their time for free when they work on BVRG business. The BVRG steering group is working harder than ever and from time to time it seeks BVRG volunteers who are interested in joining the committee, or helping with specific tasks. At the moment, BVRG is looking for new volunteers for the following roles:

Event Co-Ordinators

If you are interested in helping with the preparation and staging of the BVRG events, please let us know - these are great fun and you will be contributing to a uniquely successful Blackheath evening!

Steering Group

Being on the Steering Group will involve one monthly meeting and some responsibility to help out with certain projects which could include local issues (such as licensing or liaison with Councils, local police or other local groups), events or general publicity and distribution for the group. Steering Group meetings tend to become fairly sociable as well! We do appreciate that we're all busy people so whatever time or enthusiasm you can contribute will be gratefully received.

The current members of the steering group are:

Nick Sales – Chair
Richard Senior – Deputy Chair
Ann Rosen – Secretary
Paul Watts – Treasurer
Rob Widdicombe – IT and Web
David Webster – Police Liaison
Morag McDougal
Eleanor Boddington
Ben Kelland
Anne Johnson